About this site

Welcome to Political Public Relations – a site devoted to theory and research on political public relations and adjacent fields. The purpose of this site is to encourage academic theory and research on the political public relations, and the goal is that this site should function as a resource center for anyone interested in this field of research and practice.

This site is run by Jesper Strömbäck, professor in journalism and political communication at the University of Gothenburg, and Spiro Kiousis, professor in Public Relations at the University of Florida. In 2011 we published the edited volume Political Public Relations. Principles and Applications (Routledge), in which we defined political public relations as follows:

Political public relations is the management process by which an organization or individual actor for political purposes, through purposeful communication and action, seeks to influence and to establish, build, and maintain beneficial relationships and reputations with its key publics to help support its mission and achieve its goals.

From this perspective, political public relations lies at the intersection of public relations, political communication, political science, political marketing, public affairs, political management, political campaigning and other related fields of research. It goes far beyond any superficial understandings of public relations as being about just media relations or news management, and builds upon contemporary definitions of public relations adapted to political contexts and processes. At this site, we will consequently focus on theory and research on political public relations as defined above, and in particular on research that attempts to apply public relations theory to political contexts and processes. We are continuously updating our list of new articles in the field (look for it under “articles” tab) and would like your input if you think we missed something.

If you have any comments or suggestions on how we can improve the site, or about books, journal articles or book chapters that we should highlight, please do not hesitate to send an email to jesper@jesperstromback.com

10 thoughts on “About this site

      1. You are most welcomeJesper Strömbäck. I think both the book & the website will provide insightful information. I am hoping to read the Journal of Public Relations Research special issue really soon.

  1. Kim Rodriguez

    Glad I found your site. I’m new to public relations and politics. So far, I’m learning as I go (not in school anymore), so I really appreciate the reading references.

  2. Teodora

    Really glad I found your site. Your articles are interesting and useful for me as a current PR student. Many thanks to its creators Spiro Kiousis & Jesper Strömbäck.

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