New articles on political public relations

Now the latest issue of Journal of Public Relations Research has been published, and it includes three articles that are relevant in the context of political public relations:

– Nonprofit in Crisis: An Examination of the Applicability of Situational Crisis Communication Theory, by Hilary Fussel Sisco;

–  Are All Crises Opportunities? A Comparison of How Corporate and Government Organizations Responded to the 2009 Flu Pandemic, by Sora Kim & Brooke Fisher Liu; and

– Public Segmentation and Government-Public Relationship Building: A Cluster Analysis in the United States and 19 European Countries, by Hyehyun Hong, Hyojung Park, Youngah Lee & Jongmin Park.

As a consequence, today we have updated our list of articles in political public relations. If you miss any articles on that list, please let us know!

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