Time for the 2nd Edition of “Political Public Relations”

politicalpublicrelations-fNow Spiro Kiousis and I have begun working on the second and revised edition of Political Public Relations. Principles and Applications (Routledge, 2011). In that context, we are very interested in hearing from those who have used the book in their own research or teaching, or as a practitioner. A lot of things have happened – both in terms of research and practice – since the first edition was published, and we want to make sure that the second edition is as up-to-date as possible.

Thus, if you have read and/or used the book, and have any suggestions for the second edition, please let us know. Comments could, for example, be related to chapters that you think need to be updated, chapters or areas that were not covered in the first edition that should be included in the second, or scholars that we should invite to participate in the second edition. All constructive comments and suggestions are welcome!

In case you have comments and suggestions, please send them to jesper@jesperstromback.com.


Call for Papers: Relationships and political marketing

Special issue: Call for papers from the Journal of Political Marketing

Guest editor: Dianne Dean

We are living in an era where the political environment is becoming more complex, advances in technology leading to the development of social media has created more opportunities to reach the citizen. Hence, political marketers are able to disseminate more information, in real time, through more communication channels leading some to suggest that we are in an age of the ‘permanent political campaign’. It is conceivable that this would lead to greater engagement in politics and electoral participation, however it appears that there is a decline in party identification and voter turnout has also decreased in many parts of the world.

Therefore in this dynamic and rapidly fragmenting environment there is greater uncertainty and a need to consider alternatives to the traditional transactional exchange paradigm (Lock and Harris 1996; Dean and Croft 2001) as the political market place is no longer where we merely exchange votes for promises. Rather political marketers need to develop long term strategies which build loyalty through delivery of electoral promises which would build trust and legitimize the democraticparty system (Henneberg and O’Shaughnessy 2009).

Whether we envisage the political market place where voters are treated as consumers, or as a diverse group of stakeholders, each notion brings with them their own theories and mechanisms for understanding needs, identifying where those needs can be accommodated within the party core values, and how they can be communicated to the target group.

Therefore the purpose of this special issue focuses on relational approaches to political marketing. Papers are invited from all research traditions that seek to build our understanding of ‘relationships’ in the political market place. Listed below are suggested areas that maybe of interest but we are keen to receive papers that address the following themes.

  • Elections
  • Engaging voters
  • Long term campaigns
  • Party identification
  • Party engagement
  • Internal marketing
    • Party members
    • Party activists
  • Low involvement relationships such as branding
  • Relationship building through social media
  • Critical approaches to political relationship marketing
  • Activism

All submissions will be double blind reviewed in accordance with the Journal of Political Marketing. Authors are directed to the Journal of Political Marketing for guidance on formatting their article


The contribution of the paper should be clearly stated in the abstract and should reflect the special issue theme.The deadline has been extended to October 1 2014

Any queries should be sent to the Guest Editor of the special issue at the following email: d.m.dean@hull.ac.uk

New book on social media and presidential campaigning

Now John Allen Hendricks and Dan Schill have just released their new edited book Presidential Campaigning and Social Media. An Analysis of the 2012 Campaign. While not all chapters on a theoretical level deal directly with political public relations, some do, and most chapters should be of interest to working with or doing research on political public relations. More information about the book can be found here.

New chapter on political public relations

It has been a while since this page was updated, and we apologize for that but promise that we will try to be more active here. If anyone has news about books, book chapters or journal articles that deal with political public relations, please let us know by sending an email to jesper@jesperstromback.com. The same holds if you have a call for chapters or papers that is relevant within the realm of political public relations.

Today the website has been updated however with a brand new chapter titled Political Public Relations. It is written by Spiro Kiousis and Jesper Strömbäck and included in the new handbook Political Communication, edited by Carsten Reinemann. The same book also includes a chapter, by the same authors, on Strategic Political Communication in Election Campaigns. Both chapters should be of interest to those interested in political public relations.

New Special Issue on Political Public Relations

Now the latest issue of Public Relations Journal has been published. It is a special issue focusing on political public relations, guest-edited by Spiro Kiousis and Jesper Strömbäck. The special issue includes seven articles, and all of them can be downloaded for free from the website of Public Relations Journal. The featured articles are:

Political Public Relations: Old Practice, New Theory-Building, by Jesper Strömbäck and Spiro Kiousis,

Sources of Citizens’ Experiental and Reputational Relationships with Political Parties, by Trent Seltzer, Weiwu Zhang, Sherice Gearhart & Lexie Conduff,

Government Public Relations and Social Media, by Missy Graham and Elizabeth Johnson Avery,

Political Public Relations on the Net: A Relationship Management Perspective, by Michael Karlsson, Christer Clerwall and Ulf Buskqvist,

Political Public Relations in Advocacy: Building Online Influence and Social Capital, by Adam J. Saffer, Maureen Taylor & Aimei Yang,

Political Public Relations in the European Union: EU Reputation and Relationship Management Under Scrutiny, by Chiara Valentini, and

Public Relations and Public Diplomacy: Conceptual and Practical Connections, by Kathy Fitzpatrick, Jami Fullerton and Alice Kendrick.

Today the page with articles on political public relations has also been updated with these new articles.

New book on Government Communication

For those interested in political public relations and government communication, the new book Government Communication. Cases and Challenges can be recommended. The book is edited by Karen Sanders and Maria José Canel, and includes chapters on government communication in 15 countries across the world. It also includes two broader, thematic chapters, one mapping the research field of government communication, the other summarizing and synthesizing the results from the different country cases.