New Special Issue on Political Public Relations

Now the latest issue of Public Relations Journal has been published. It is a special issue focusing on political public relations, guest-edited by Spiro Kiousis and Jesper Strömbäck. The special issue includes seven articles, and all of them can be downloaded for free from the website of Public Relations Journal. The featured articles are:

Political Public Relations: Old Practice, New Theory-Building, by Jesper Strömbäck and Spiro Kiousis,

Sources of Citizens’ Experiental and Reputational Relationships with Political Parties, by Trent Seltzer, Weiwu Zhang, Sherice Gearhart & Lexie Conduff,

Government Public Relations and Social Media, by Missy Graham and Elizabeth Johnson Avery,

Political Public Relations on the Net: A Relationship Management Perspective, by Michael Karlsson, Christer Clerwall and Ulf Buskqvist,

Political Public Relations in Advocacy: Building Online Influence and Social Capital, by Adam J. Saffer, Maureen Taylor & Aimei Yang,

Political Public Relations in the European Union: EU Reputation and Relationship Management Under Scrutiny, by Chiara Valentini, and

Public Relations and Public Diplomacy: Conceptual and Practical Connections, by Kathy Fitzpatrick, Jami Fullerton and Alice Kendrick.

Today the page with articles on political public relations has also been updated with these new articles.

New article on political public relations

Now the latest issue of Public Relations Review has been published, which includes a new article on political public relations by Mordecai Lee. The title is “The President’s listening post: Nixon’s failed experiment in government public relations”. Today we have hence updated the list of articles focusing on political public relations.

New book on government public relations

Now a new book on government public relations has been published. The book is edited by Mordecai Lee, Grant Neeley and Kendra Stewart, and titled The Practice of Government Public Relations. The book includes thirteen chapters:

1. Introduction, by Grant Neeley and Kendra Stewart

2. Government Public Relations: What Is It Good For?, by Mordecai Lee

3. Media Relations, by Jerome Sadow

4. Government Websites, by Napoleon Byars

5. Public Information Campaigns, by Jenifer E. Kopfman & amanda Ruth-McSwain

6. Crisis Public Relations for Government Communicators, by Brooke Fisher Liu & Abbey Blake Levenshus

7. Web 2.0, by Leila Sadeghi

8. Strategic Communication Planning, by Diana Knott Martinelli

9. Ethics in Government Public Relations, by Shannon A. Bowen

10. Doing Right and Avoiding Wrong with the Law and Politicians, by Kevin R. Kosar

11. Internal Public Relations for Personal and Program Success, by Anne Zahradnik

12.Using Monitoring and Evaluation to Measure Public Affairs Effectiveness, by Maureen Taylor

13. Conclusion, by Grant Neeley & Kendra Stewart