New book on government public relations

Now a new book on government public relations has been published. The book is edited by Mordecai Lee, Grant Neeley and Kendra Stewart, and titled The Practice of Government Public Relations. The book includes thirteen chapters:

1. Introduction, by Grant Neeley and Kendra Stewart

2. Government Public Relations: What Is It Good For?, by Mordecai Lee

3. Media Relations, by Jerome Sadow

4. Government Websites, by Napoleon Byars

5. Public Information Campaigns, by Jenifer E. Kopfman & amanda Ruth-McSwain

6. Crisis Public Relations for Government Communicators, by Brooke Fisher Liu & Abbey Blake Levenshus

7. Web 2.0, by Leila Sadeghi

8. Strategic Communication Planning, by Diana Knott Martinelli

9. Ethics in Government Public Relations, by Shannon A. Bowen

10. Doing Right and Avoiding Wrong with the Law and Politicians, by Kevin R. Kosar

11. Internal Public Relations for Personal and Program Success, by Anne Zahradnik

12.Using Monitoring and Evaluation to Measure Public Affairs Effectiveness, by Maureen Taylor

13. Conclusion, by Grant Neeley & Kendra Stewart

New book on political public relations

Now Routledge has published the new book Political Public Relations. Principles and Applications, edited by Jesper Strömbäck and Spiro Kiousis. This book maps and defines the emerging field of political public relations, bringing together scholars from various disciplines – such as political communication, public relations, and political science – to explore this research field in detail. The book connects different schools of thought, brings together theoretical and empirical investigations, and defines a field that is becoming increasingly important and prominent. If also offers an international orientation, as the field of political public relations must be understood in the context of various political and communication systems. In all, the book includes fifteen chapters:

1. Political Public Relations: Defining and Mapping an Emergent Field, by Jesper Strömbäck and Spiro Kiousis,

2. Political Public Relations: Remembering Its Roots and Classics, by Diana Knott Martinelli,

3. Political Public Relations, News Management, and Agenda Indexing, by Paul S. Lieber and Guy J. Golan,

4. Political Public Relations and Agenda Building, by John C. Tedesco,

5. Presidential Public Relations, by Matthew Eshbaugh-Soha,

6. Political Public Relations and Election Campaigning, by Paul Baines,

7. Corporate Issues Management and Political Public Relations, by Robert L. Heath and Damion Waymer,

8. Political Public Relations and Political Marketing, by Darren Lilleker and Nigel Jackson,

9. Political Public Relations and Strategic Framing, by Kirk Hallahan,

10. Political Public Relations and Crisis Communication: A Public Relations Perspective, by W. Timothy Coombs,

11. Political Public Relations and Relationship Management, by John A. Ledingham,

12. Political Public Relations and Government Communication, by Karen Sanders,

13. Global Political Public Relations, Public Diplomacy, and Corporate Foreign Policy, by Juan-Carlos Molleda,

14. Digital Political Public Relations, by Kaye D. Sweetser, and

15. Political Public Relations Research in the Future, by Spiro Kiousis and Jesper Strömbäck

At present Routledge has a special offer where the book can be purchased with 20% discount. To take advantage of this offer, download their flyer here.